Tomo Yatsunami

      Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977.
      Lived in London, UK from 1989 to 1990.
      Lived in Bristol, UK from 1990 to 1995.
      Living in Tokyo since 1995.
      Started photography in 2006.

Exhibition History:

      20150503-20150510 | Joint Exhibition w/Lonesome Ishimoto “Shinjku Futaritabi” at Bar King Biscuit Shinjuku
      20150720-20150726 | Art Event “PHOTOJAM TOKYO VOL.2” at Gallery Conceal Shibuya
      20150910-20150913 | Joint Exhibition w/Kanae Fujita “CONTRAST” at Gallery Iro Kichijoji
      20151101-20151108 | Joint Exhibition “3040 Vol.3” at Design Festa Gallery EAST 201+202
      20160130-20160207 | Art Event “PHOTOJAM TOKYO VOL.4” at Gallery Conceal Shibuya
      20160604-20160612 | Joint Exhibition: “HELPING HAND ‘Hitohada’ Exhibition” -Kumamoto Disaster Charity Exhibition- at Creation Gallery Nihonbashi-Hakozaki
      20160918-20160925 | Joint Exhibition “Honey” at Design Festa Gallery WEST 2A
      20161030-20161106 | Joint Exhibition “3040 Vol.4” at Design Festa Gallery EAST 201+202

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